Adilene Delgado

I am a current student in the Bachelor's of Accountancy program at California State University Northridge. In December 2014, I will earn my B.S. in Accountancy, and will have enough units to sit for the CPA exam. Additionally, I will have met the new 2014 educational requirements for the California CPA licensure. I am currently working a part-time job at CSUN as the Director’s Student Assistant for the Master’s in Accountancy program. From this position, I have learned to multitask from a diverse set of responsibilities, while collaborating with the Business Graduate Programs team. In my previous work experience, as a tax preparer, I gained experience in customer service as well as how to accommodate to diverse personalities types. Furthermore, as a receptionist for a Real Estate agency, I enhanced my communication and organizational skills, through communicating with prospective homebuyers, as well as organizing home purchase documents. In addition, I was appointed as the Meet the Firms director for the Accounting Association, where I worked alongside with my co-directors to organize one of the highest attended Accounting Meet the Firms event at CSUN. I am excited to continue my involvement by taking on a new directorship in the upcoming semester.