Adil Qayyum

united states

Adil Qayyum is a marketing consultant and owner of Digital Solutions. Responsible for boosting marketing endeavors of various clients, Adil Qayyum is experienced and skilled in effective report writing, communication, and negotiation with clients. As an industry expert, Adil Qayyum is always well-inform of the commercial and business changes in the industry as a marketing consultant.

Following are the core expertise of Adil Qayyum:

Offering project planning, execution, and management consultation relevant to the core objective of the business.

Execution of project plans within the pre-defined budget and given deadline.

Monitoring progress of projects and taking required actions to make sure that projects are completed within the defined parameters.

Ensuring on-time delivery of scheduled activities, as per the specified quality standards.

Taking part in negotiation with vendors and partners for the development of new products

Managing and assessing vendors for various product categories.