Adi Mazor Kario

I’m Adi Mazor Kario, Senior UI & UX Architect, Manager of Wizard UI & UX. I know how to turn even the most compex systems to an easy-to-use application, by understanding what users think, need and expect.

I create Happy Users!

I create simple and user friendly interfaces

I design a winning user experience that sell more

I help my clients focus their efforts on the optimal solution for their users

My background:

1997 – Graduated, with honors, BA design studies (Holon technology institute)

1998 – Learned the profession in a UI consultancy firm

2001 – Graduated, with honors, MA in cognitive science

2000 – Understood the application lifecycle as an in-house UX designer

2006 – Established Wizard UI & UX

You are most welcome to contact me, even just to say hi!