Adina Balea

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania

As an Engineering Manager, my main goal is working towards closing the gap between clients’ needs and software developers’ dreams while mixing in the blend the latest technologies and best practices of this industry.

I have a technical background as a Software Developer with over 8 years of experience on Microsoft platforms and technologies.

My latest focus has been on management, leadership and business development. Making sure that projects are delivered on schedule while the quality is not jeopardized by costs is one of my main priorities.

I am a believer in lifelong learning, embracing continuous change and challenging of the status quo. It is the main reason why my work is guided by the Agile management and leadership principles. I support people by providing them the tools, processes, skills, inspiration and motivation to do a great job. Whilst the last one is the most important to have, I encourage them all to follow my motto: “If there’s a will, there is a way!”