Adina Maria Moise

Counselor, Psychologist, and Change facilitator in Romania

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Psychologist, personal development counselor. Accredited trainer of trainers, certified in project management and social entrepreneurship. Independent trainings like Intro in Dragon Dreaming, Empowered fundraising, Deep Ecology, Permaculture Design, Sociocracy 3.0.
Many years of searching, learning and exploring the unseen/energetic patterns with alternative methods as a personal quest for understanding the connection between material and spiritual life.

I am practising meditation as well as "Letting go" by David Hawkins's method - as a powerful and more profound and lasting change technique.

Last years of volunteering in Transition Movement brought me to accept the challenge and coordinate and serve the Project funding and fundraising department of Romania in Transition NGO, learning to work with money energy and empowering myself and the others to accept and create abundance in our life.

Co-trainer in Strategic partnerships with international partners like Universities, Eco villages and Sustainable Development companies, on Social Innovation for Resilient Communities, Sociocracy 3.0, igniting new Social entrepreneurship' spirit and inspiring and empowering people to fulfill their dream.

Initiator of community-rebuilding social projects, understanding "human connection" as the missing part in the Climate Change approach. Initiator and coordinator of Free Seeds Romanian Movement "Seminte Libere" involving more than 12.000 members, a Change disguised project; also the initiator of, a digital platform meant to serve the community re-connection by bringing together little natural producers and direct consumers and finally enhancing local sustainability and resilience.

I studied change and resistance to change from individual and social perspectives and I am continuing this research, promoting the responsibility of co-creating the change the want to see in the world from a soul-soil-society approach.

Touched and inspired by Jungian Psychology on understanding the personal attraction to deeper the connection with The Earth, garden, nature, animals, unconscious life.
I enjoy the simplicity and complexity of hidden gifts a garden can offer, beyond the visible harvest.

I mostly love to inspire people to be aware co-creators of the Future, to embrace their inner vulnerability and authenticity and take the responsibility and the “courage to be themselves" as a powerful path to a less painful and more fulfilling Life.

I am grateful for my Life experience.

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