adi nugroho

Born in Samarinda, 26 maret 1987, Indonesia... Last education in WidyaMandala Univ. at Apoteker Proffesion..High intrest in Chemical and Drugs.. Destination : " To be the high Alchemist, proffesional Merchant.. In order to do that, i had began with open some store officialy at some place.. Next target is open Pharmacy as soon as possible.." Next educate destination : "Farmasetika&Farmakokinetics; Dicipline at ITB as soon as when my pharmacy is well manage" My last Script : " CRP-reaction in Oedema Rats Reaction..." My Football fovourite team : ARSENAL.. My proffesion jobs beside my side job for now is as production supervisor at Rama... Well i hope i will built a great pharmacy for my family, for my huge family, for my friends, for helping all, for fullfill my promise and either for the sake of my hometown....Just wait and see!! haa

CONTACT ME at: 08385997177