Adil Oliver Sharif

What one will find inside my head are several roads that have been built by people who have inspired me. All friends, family and travelling to various environments that have lead me to educating myself on topical cultural activities. Arts & Crafts, Design, Graphics, Photography, Film, Video, Illustrations, Typography, Painting, Sketching, Mixed Media, Editing, Experimental collaborations.. these are areas that fuel me.. I have ears and time for various world Music, reading a collection of books and keeping a healthy mind, body and spirit. I believe that we should show respect to those who have lived a life, love, laugh and focus on what really makes each of us happy. I find the way different people think and act extremely fascinating. Love being inspired by friends, family, famous people, cartoon characters, established professionals and total strangers. I respect people who say what they believe and those who are comfortable with themselves. Everyone should be willing to learn with an open mind. Everyday is a new day to learn something new and hopefully meet some original and creative individuals.