ahmad dio sadili

Jakarta , Bekasi - Bandar Lampung

ahmad dio sadili

Jakarta , Bekasi - Bandar Lampung

about me :

simpel and low profile

someone who wants to boast of his parents, a brother my best to both her ​​sister, and always trying

humoris, realistis, hard worker, can't be serious, friendly, always try and pray and most importantly always want to change a lot better

education :

TKK taman indria bandar lampung 1997

SDN 2 rawa laut bandar 1999

SMPN 1 bandar lampung 2005

SMAN 1 bandar lampung 2008

STTD sekolah tinggi transportasi darat bekasi 2011

diary note

I'm happy with what I do, because it is myself. playing football is my hobby because there could be together, I am happy if any friends around me because it makes me more meaningful. the true friends and loved ones and the people that I love to make sure I make them proud and become a passion for me. I am optimistic and I am working on my dream to be a successful and wealthy will make myself more in value, and then with that I can change the world, even if it is small though