Aleesha Directioner

Kik- AleBro Twitter- @bfflpeaceloveu Tumblr- heyy im AleeshA <-----NICKNAME I♥ 2 play w/ my dogs <-------kane <------ 4 thiz fall 6 years old in dog life... bailey <----2 i used to have a dog <--------her neme iz kacy but she died january 20th 2011 but she was 15 years old <---------we think i also ♥ to txt and hang w/ my peeps/hommies/friends Omg Im Like Such A Directioner Instead Of Pulling Out A Penniiee You Would Pull Out Carrots:D I Love My Five Hottieezz Louis(Pronounced: Loo-EE), Zayn, Liam, Harry, And My Leprecon Niall(: im kinda of a girly girl but i do love to play sports and other out door things my 3 fav colors are 1------------------------>Brit & Ireland Colors #SUCHADIRECTIONER 2------------------------>Purple 3------------------------>NEON green and i dont really talk alot...when i do talk you jus cant shut me up...good luck!! im an only child...and i kinda of love it and i kinda dont but 1 thing i miss the most dad...he was like the best dad you could eva hav♥ ♥ febuary 15th 2008 ♥ ♥ #BroISoWishCancerDidntExist