Data Analyst in Central Jakarta, Indonesia

I am a graduate of English Department, Faculty of Cultural Sciences UGM, Yogyakarta. My professional life began when I was appointed as An English Tutor in a Tourism Village Krebet, Bantul. At that time, my jobdesc was teaching the craft entrepreneurs and the craft makers to explain their products in English. After finishing my Diploma, I was accepted as a Call Center at PT. Vads for XL Axiata Tbk, my jobdesc was answering and handling customers' questions, complains, requests and helping to solve their problems in using provider of XL Axiata. I solved everything by phone because I was a call center. Then, I moved to another telecommunication company called PT. Smartfren Telecom Tbk. My jobdesc was similar to my previous company. It's all about solving customers' problems. The different was, I solved customers' problems directly on my desk because I was a frontliner. Yeah, having experiences in service fields have helped me developing my skills in English and Communication. Finally, I was accepted as a staff in the biggest provider in Indonesia called PT. TELKOMSEL INDONESIA Tbk. Starting my career since 10 Des 2012, I dared myself to achieve something here. Within 3 months, I was nominated to be the best CS of Grapari Yogyakarta. I became one of the ambassadors from my office to join The Best CS Competition. I learned a lot of things at that time; I was trained to master a presentation, serve customers with CARE, etc. As my achievement, I deserved the third posisition on that competition. On the next competition, I was chosen by my SPV to participate again. Finally, with some good preparations, I got the best result. I was nominated as the best CSR in Central Java & DIY. It's my honor to get that reward. Yes, victory needs preparation. By experiencing that competition, I had the great opportunity to optimise my ability and achievement.

Now I have moved to the city of hope, Jakarta. My past experiences had encouraged me to be a fighter and now I am ready for something bigger!

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    • PT. Pertamina Lubricants
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