Adisa Pangestu

Surabaya | London | Singapore

Adisa Aprilia Arub (well-known as Adisa Pangestu) was born in Surabaya,East Java,Indonesia 16th April 1995. Adisa is a daughter of an internist doctor (Pangestu Adi) and a full-time mother (Ade Hunaifa Pangestu) , she have 3 brothers and 1 sister. Her GrandFather from her mother, K.H Bey Arifin, is a famous ulama in Indonesia,he's an author of some islamic famous books such as Samudera Al-Fatihah and Marjam,Isa (dan) Muhammad.

Adisa love to talk and making new friends (she's definitely that kind of girl who would like to open a conversation than sit down and waiting for someone to talk with her), you could bring her anywhere and she could make friends (even with your parents,they will like her!). She own a persian cutie cat name 'Richie' and a horse name 'Carlos' . One important thing that you should know about her is that she love FRESH CASH,or in other words,she love money (i mean,who doesn't? LOL) but no she isn't a materialistic girl,she said that 'i only love cash,but i get them from my daddy,not my boyfriend :)' .

Adisa plays some sport,she could play basketball because her brother-in-law was a professional basketball player and he teached her since she was a kid,she also a horseback rider,she love being around horse,her lovely horsie name is Carlos. Adisa could sing,she made some records in SoundCloud which you could she the link downstairs and take a look after her records, she also a girl who love to dance especially together around her friends.

She's definitely a girl who loves to dream,like having a flying bicycle (with baloons), or having her very own AD 1 SA green Lamborghini Gallardo (on her way to make it true,AMIN). Adisa have a lot of friends but her BFFs is a group of girl called YM$ (Young Money$), they are uh-may-zink ,she loves them so much and will fight for them if anyone messing up with her BFF's. After graduated from university she is planning on opening her own restaurant and a B&B (Bed&Breakfast) in Bali,a tourist destination city in Indonesia. Pray for her! thx xx

and btw another link of her is down↓ stairsss,check 'em out!


  • Education
    • Diplôme De Cuisine