Aditi Aggarwal

Visual Artist, Independent Researcher, and Art Educator in Greater Noida

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Aditi holds a PhD in Visual Studies from the University of Delhi.

Her most recent projects include the 'Future is Born of Art' commission by India Art Fair and BMW India.

She is also a founding member of Studio A 89, Kaladham, based out of Knowledge Park 2 Greater Noida - A studio that focuses on Analogue and Alternative mediums and approaches of photography.

In her works, she attempts to capture the noise, speed, time, and duration of the urban experience. The process involved is free association, abstracting both time and space, articulating spaces of both anxiety and dysfunction. In addition, working on images for an extended time becomes an exploration of the possibility of letting the image lose its meaning under the weight of the spectacle. She also responds and archives her immediate surroundings consisting of objects and memories in her works. The images created in various formats like bookmaking, drawing, painting, analogue and digital collages are also an overflow of information, conveying multiple viewpoints simultaneously to communicate the intensity of experiences/surroundings. In essence, the results are both inexplicable and familiar.

  • Education
    • University of Delhi, New Delhi | India