Aditi Dayal

New Delhi, India

I juggle a variety of hats for my day job but will not bore you with the details here.

Most people love to think. I belong to that 'most' - but I also enjoy listening, discussing and writing. This blog was born with my itch to jot down what I think about things going around and engage with people from different age groups, nationalities, sexual orientations, know the works.

For long as I can remember, I have had difficulty coming to terms with things without stamping them with my own brand of rationalization (yes, my parents did not enjoy this while I was growing up!). However, with some tempering (read lessons in politeness), this habit has turned out to be a boon as it lets me learn. I am hoping to kick up my learning curve by volunteering my thoughts here and inviting (and, hopefully, receiving) feedback, experience-sharing, brickbats and compliments (hint: wanted to sneak that one in for a reason).

Whether we are like- or unlike-minded, I would love to connect with you through comments on my posts or at [email protected] or on my Facebook page.

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    • Policy research
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    • University of Cambridge