Aditi Sardeshpande


I have a total experience of 3+ years in the field of product design and development. I have worked for Aerospace, Hydraulics and Electrical business verticals of Eaton and have been recognized for excellence, team work, leadership and engagement.

I was selected for the prestigious cross-functional ELTP in 2013; I was an outlier - the only electronics engineer in that year’s class of eight engineers seven of whom mechanical engineers.

My first assignment - one designed to challenge a mechanical engineer to demonstrate her engineering leadership competencies - was to reduce the design cycle of hydraulic valves. The stakes were so high that at every step I faced a 50% probability of failing and relegating myself twofold – an unsuccessful first assignment and loss of one year of building expertise in my own domain.

The first challenge was to build from ground zero, the necessary skills and product knowledge and deliver effective results in just one year. In addition to rigorously researching and scaling up my skills, I developed a strong network of design engineers, product managers and global product experts whose diverse perspectives proved critical in deciphering the problem.

The bigger challenge was to defy the underlying resistance of the design engineers to study the statistical data analysis vis-à-vis the “design-test-revise-repeat” methodology traditionally used. Involving them early in the development and establishing a rhythm of discussions and reviews proved valuable. As the methodology evolved, the confidence of the design engineers in the methodology increased. I experienced that individuals have a tendency to underestimate the impact of routine changes as a bad side-effect of working in the same field for a number of years. This triggered an exercise in introspection when I learnt that even I was a prey to this side-effect and to counter this, I started having multiple discussions with different kinds of people to make sure that I “listen” and appreciate each perspective.

Leveraging my rising curiosity and an urge to solve problems and with an in-depth study of the valve design process whilst anticipating bottlenecks, I formulated a proposal for the future enhancements that could improve the design analysis of servo performance valves – the future of process technology – and give Eaton a competitive edge. The proposal was appreciated and taken up by the US based team based

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