Aditi Arora

A common programmer lost in the monotony of life yet strangely rare among the breed of humans lurking this Earth.

If I could,I'd devote my entire life to art and craft,as it is beyond a passion.I showcase my work on KALAKAARI.My projects are on a variety of subjects,among which Harry Potter and Batman are at the top.

I've been brought up on classic comedies of Indian Cinema and therefore my flavor in comedy is extensively evolved.

I also have a very weird fascination of Serial Killers,there hardly exists any that I've not read about/watched a movie of.My favorites include Silence Of The Lambs,Dahmer and Monster.Keenly await new psychological break through documentaries on Rob Dyke's Youtube channel.

I'm also secretly in love with Rob Dyke.Damn,guess that's not a secret anymore :-/

My dream is to someday have my label patented.