Aditi Paul

Aditi Paul

INDIFFERENT. When I didn't have time for a biopsy because of business.DILIGENT. As I nourished myself. And, got credentialed to boot!

TORN. When I needed to change careers. RELIEVED. When I combined my passion for health, new media & business and launcehd the Venture.

FOOLISH. When I agreed to be her quick fix. SMART. When we were both ready to make time.

DISAPPOINTED. When I spent money & time I didn't have, on things I didn't need, in places I didn't want to be. GRATEFUL. When I detoxed from that.

SADDENED. When he decided to ditch my marketing strategy to post fliers on tree trunks. HAPPY. When ohers retained me to grow revenue & customers.

LIVID. When the patient was afraid to get off his meds from 7 doctors ago. ELATED. When his chronic issue cleared up with food & fitness. No pills.

UNCERTAIN. When they wanted me to be a Professor. VALIDATED. When clients retained me - as trainer, coach, consultant & educator.

ADDICTED. When I threw myself into work to escape the insecurity, the heartbreak, the uncertainity. INVIGORATED. When I loved the whole me.

TURNED AROUND. In midlife with wisdom from successes & struggles. Living empowered today. Everyday.