Aditi Kapoor

Student, Writer, and Public Speaker in New Delhi, India

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Born and brought up in New Delhi, I'm a grade 11th student at The Heritage School, Rohini currently pursuing The Arts with a special emphasis on English Literature. As an avid reader I have a special adoration for literary devices. I'm also a vocal artist who occasionally writes spoken word poems and performs them on days when words don't fill the null voids in my heart, which is more often than I'd like to believe. I'm an avid parliamentary debater since MUN style debating was never my cup of tea. Regardless, to acquaint myself with the hip trend, I actively write for the International Press side of the Model UN which is responsible for producing newsletters, much like a journalist and have had been awarded a variety of laurels in the field as well. I've also had the opportunity of interning at the age of 16 at our national election museum alongside India's chief electoral officer. To add to this, I'm also one of the eight people who got in the debate showcase of the World Scholar's cup, regional round, 2016 and won. I've also been to their global round which was placed in Bangkok, participating with 3000 people all across the globe. We further got the chance to attend the competition which was held at the Yale University, USA.