April Dittmann

Hi!!! I'm April and I'm 21.

- Hockey is my life. I love it and actually know what I am talking about - as well as Football. I love the Carolina Hurricanes and Buffalo Bills...Yes I know the Bills suck but theyre my home team and I love em

- I'm a Senior at East Carolina University. I am studying psychology with a minor in alcohol and drug studies. I hope to be a psychologist one day so if you ever need advice, hit me up!!

- Basically, I love to live life to fullest, even though I don't always because I am one the average people in the world who actually have to study my ass off.

- Ummm...Im originally from North Tonanwanda, NY (around Buffalo/Niagara area) but the fam move us to Apex, NC...

- If you want to know anything else, ask me. I am a VERY open and honest person...sometimes I think I may be a little too open, but I believe you should tell someone everything about yourself up front because you dont want to get to know someone and when they find out something they dont like they peace out. Trust me...that sucks major