Aditya Goel

Author, Motivational speaker, and Life Coach in Meerut, India

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This is the official page of Aditya Goel, Author of the book: "Be The Engineer Of Your Life", (Self-help motivational book).

He is an Engineer by Graduation, Businessman by Profession & Writer by passion . :)

He is a motivational speaker too, who loves to inspire people "to live the life the way they want".

The aim of his life is to share the Experiences & Observations of his life with everyone to help them succeed and live a happy life.

"He doesn't believe in moving with the flow... he dare to stand alone against the odds..."

He is so Positive in his thoughts that even his presence anywhere makes the place positive! :)

He is a man of his words, who strongly believes that
"Jo Hota Hai... Achhe Ke Liye Hota Hai... Lekin Vahi Hota Hai... Jo Tum Sochte Ho".

Read it again to understand it better...

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