Aditya Kotwal

Himalayan Explorer's Club, IIT Roorkee


This is Aditya! I am an IITian, persuing electrical engineering. I would like to start by telling about my first love: Physics. It all started with a project competition in my school when I made an electrostatic motor... out of only three pet bottle of coke, 2 meters of aluminium foil and a rod to mount the central bottle... its power source: a pvc pipe and a piece of cotton cloth which produced electrostatic charge!! This is what interests me about science... the ingredients to success are never exotic!

So.. why did I chose electrical engieering?? Well, i feel that this is the field that has the power to manipulate the behaviour of one of the most fundamental particles of nature... the electron. While I was here at IIT Roorkee, I spent my time doing a variety of projects and activities. The projects included electonics, power electronics, image processing, virtual instrumentation and solar implementations. Being an active member of the Himalayan Explorer's Club and the Photography section, I have been to short and long treks and have captured memorable moments...

One of the main reasons for my love of trekking is the location of my college, which is just at the foothills of the Himalayas. That is why whenever I get a chance, I pack my bags, catch hold of my camera and head for the mountains!