Aditya Nittala

Hiiii, I Am Aditya, and currently a Phd Researcher at the Max Planck Institute For Informaticsworking with Prof. Dr. Jürgen Steimle.

Previously, I was a Master's student at the University of Calgary. My MSc thesis advisors were Prof.Dr. Mario Costa Sousa and Prof.Dr.Ehud Sharlin. I was very fortunate to be a member of two awesome labs ,IllustraResLab (part of the Graphics Jungle lab) and uTouch (which is a part of Interactions Lab). As an aspiring HCI (Human Computer Interaction) researcher I am interested in designing novel interaction techniques that can help improve the way we interact with various computing devices, making them smarter and intuitive to use. I like to build and hack stuff, both hardware and software (though I prefer a mix of hardware and software).

Prior to my grad studies I spent 3 fruitful years in the 3D Graphics team at SAMSUNG R&D INSTITUTE, in Bangalore, India.

Recently, I found out that my ErdősNumber is at most 4 :-) ( Paul Erdős -Franco P Preparata - Kelogg S Booth - Saul Greenberg- Aditya Shekhar Nittala)

  • Education
    • University of Calgary