Aditya Dhar

Hi there. I'm Aditya. Welcome to my page!

So you've clearly stumbled upon my humble abode and either wish to find out more about me, or just kill some time. Regardless, you're here and that's what matters!

So, a little bit about myself: I'm studying Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo, Canada, and am currently completing my final year of schooling. The last 4 years have been one helluva ride and I look forward to making my mark in this world.

Since this page is, in fact, supposed to be about myself, I'll share a few more details as to the hobbies, interests and ambitions that I have. I've always had a passion for bathroom singing, competitive sports, comedic hip-hop dancing, exploring our natural environment, making aesthetically pleasing websites for no real reason, expanding my social network to a point where I can't keep track of it anymore, and, last but not least, writing boring, unimaginative and grammatically incorrect blog posts.

The End.