Aditya Kabra

Student, Organiser, and Volunteer in Pune, India

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Hi! I am Aditya Kabra.

I am currently studying Basic Sciences at IISER Pune. As a part of my Master Thesis, I am working in the realm of Parametrized Algorithms.

I am also a startup enthusiast and am working on developing an entrepreneurial community in Pune through Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell. We organise various events, workshops and talks throughout the year.

I am also a co-founder of Data Science Club and Makers Lab at IISER Pune.

Whenever I am free, I go on trekking on forts nearby Pune. The view from the top of these forts is mesmerising especially during monsoon when new plants start to grow.

Apart from these activities, I love playing Badminton, and I am learning Skateboarding.

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    • Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune