aditya menon

aditya menon

Hi there,

I enjoy writing code, researching and advising tech entrepreneurs.

My set of go-to technologies:
+ PHP (preferably Laravel 4) for back office APIs. I take special delight in working with modular systems, composed of data structures and services that come together in clean ways to perform business logic.
+ AngularJS for frontend applications. Support tools like RequireJS, UnderscoreJS, jQuery... and a myriad others.
+ Git for code version control, I am a pull-request workflow believer.
+ Amazon EC2 instances or a Cloud VPS. Ubuntu, Nginx, PHP-FPM and MySQL are what my machines usually run on.

New technical challenges are a constant to a developer (thankfully). I am open to using the best tool to solve the problem at hand. New technologies excite me, which is why I have utilized countless other technologies than the ones listed above - and look forward to more.

I have multiple years of experience, working for clients on 5 continents (Australia, India, Italy, South Africa and the USA). I've also contributed to open source projects at a modest scale.

I engage in freelance contracting and consulting. I excel at communication and I am reliable with reasonable deadlines. If you need free help, you'll find me around on StackOverflow and IRC.

Here's my resume, which I must warn is usually not the most up-to-minute :)