Aditya Tirto

Chief Island Officer in Bali, Indonesia

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Personal Bio:

To build yourself toward the being you want to become which frequently evolves over time and moments is what excites me in this life. The unknown and the endless possibilities offered by the universe drives my curiousity into new perspectives every now and then.

A point when I understand that exploration should start within myself before I deliver into the outside world, is a point where I jump start my life to embrace every fall as a journey to fathom yourself.

You manifest yourself into the freedom you desire.

Professional Bio: by Tahriq Amawi

Aditya is one of the most talented and dynamically powerful movers you are likely to meet dubbed the ‘Indonesian Ido Portal’, combining extreme agility with fluid control, formidable endurance, strength and grace. With an almost obsessive journey into human and animal movement spanning 9 years of dedication and two continents, Aditya sits as the movement specialist and is the methodical program developer at the MTM SuperHero Factory. Aditya has featured in international movement events with some of the world’s leading practitioners and was the Founder and Background Director of Parkour Indonesia.

Aditya always excelled in sports since junior high school, but never liked the competitive nature of it. In his view, the artistry and passion vanished; ego kicked in, and changed the nature of the intent.

Aditya discovered his natural flair for teaching children at the Parkour Playland, SE Asia’s first indoor movement centre and continues to share this love of camaraderie and community at the SuperHero Factory, a new holistic, natural-movement gym built on a social franchise model and designed to look like a playground. To Adit movement is communication in its purest form, with the ability to unite everyone with no language barriers. In Aditya’s words, “Understand your senses, understand yourself. Master your senses, master yourself. When you combine intent with discipline, you will receive the beauty of growth. Achievements become just mere handshakes from a friendship you grew along the way.”

From a personal growth the love of teaching movement has transformed into a generational growth. Giving and sharing a legacy warm enough to be handed over to those who will continue the journey.

  • Work
    • Shambhala Indonesia
  • Education
    • Swiss German University