Photographer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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I am 'Adivishnu Nandam'. 'Be Here and Now' living in Canada, 'Merchandise Planning Manager' by profession, a voracious reader once, having an eye for surrealistic art / everything 'design' and an ear for psychedelic/progressive rock/world music, still a loyal KRAUTROCK fan, Vinyl Lover, 'Zappa Head', self claimed geek and movie freak, an aspiring film maker, having penchant for philosophy, craving for Hi-Fi, down to earth & flexible to few, complex & fickle to many, frequent step-in/out of shoes of a 'pseudo', wicked sense of humor, maddening contradictions, yet times ecstatic, born explorer of everything under sun, living proof of a true Gemini™ and now just another blogger.