Adlie Syahmi

Bangsar , Kuala Lumpur

" You know life is worth the struggle when you look back on what you lost, and realize what you have now is way better than before "

As well I stated the top of my page . Hi Assalamualikum konnichiwa hajime-mashite anyehaseyo (heehee) my name is ADLIE SYAHMI . now I'm 14 and be born on 6th March . Living at Kuala lumpur and be4 it I was at Sabak Bernam , Selangor :) Love to make people H@PPy . I stay with my lovely my mom and 3 awesome siblings now after my father was passed away since I was a little cute baby (:P) Whatnever , I hve 2 siss n 1 bro and Im the last one (I'm not a brat child) haahaa .

Love with random activities aspecially reading books n mangas. As always socializing with people , listening to the music and writing a kinda story 4 a while . JPOPers n Kpop as always and not forget English songs always full in my playlist. UP2DATE :) Cooking and make my own breakfast OKEYH heehee .

I'm weird and kinda nerd sometimes but who cares. I'm verrryyy random.You won't like me if I'm mad or being a lion.I tend to rebel at times. I could be secretive and I tend to bottle up my feelings inside who the people I like. I could also be extremely friendly if they have same things that I love to be talked . Just go on and talk to everybody. Yeahp! I'll be nice to people if people be nice to me. I dislike judgmentals n betrayers. They are f**king sucks. I'm always secure my stuff because I LOVE MY THINGS (who cares , I care). I fear to lose my loved ones, to be ignored, to be left alone or to be replaced. I appreciate friendships . I love my family, my bestfriends and all who were always there to support me. Supporting my senior aspclly 328 , heehee . You're just look likes my cat IKI who was missing and I dont know where'sit. (I'm cried a lot) . Iki's my only cat <3

I love talking a lot , writing a lot and holding my BB everytime every seconds . Love my BB . I always dreaming big and high and pray it will become real . Now im active with my Twitter and less up my FB because Twitter is much more easier and simplier neighter that Facebooking .

Falling love with Carly Rae Jepsen , Simple Plan and Im a Swifters XD

What I wrote was just a part of me and you are very welcomed to get knowing me better. I love new friends! Muuuch love.

Xanthrons 1216.



  • Education
    • Sekolah Menengah Sains Banting , Kuala Langat , Selangor