Myra Adlina

Assalamualaikum,yes,my name is Myra Adlina.I'm 12,yeah,UPSR this year.I'm so nervous :).I'm friendly and kind and currently studying at Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Melawati (2).My fav school and a lots of memories I made there.I let out my first cry on 8 May 2001 at 11.23 p.m.I have six siblings and I'm the youngest.I have the most wonderful and fantastic parents ever.I have two sisters and three brothers.I love to read books,and baking.but don't know how to cook.I'm a K-popper.yeah.

I'm crazyy and very random and sometimes funny.I kept my feelings from everybody and don't like fighting.If I'm mad at somebody,I will try for not talk to them,but I can't. I'm friendly and easy to make friends.So don't be afraid to talk to me :) I dislike judgmentals, betrayers, backstabbers, liars, people who discriminate others and people who aren't sincere in a friendship.

I have a lots of cats,I mean,I have nine cats.I love them so much.Sporty,Choco,Caramel,Fifi,Fudge,Kiko,Minho,H&M and Phoenix.I took care of them and gave them my love <3 Im such a good owner ;) lol

I love my family,friends,bestfriends and the one who supported me.I love talking and laugh a lot.I may be shy at the outside but once you know me,I will be like a monster to you.but a kind monster yehp. I love spaghetti,mushroom soup and chicken, A LOT. So this is a part of me, and you are very welcomed to know me better, I love new friends that is KIND,hehe whatever friend i have i still love them..goodbye Assalamualaikum ;)