Zain Zaidi

Toronto, Ontario

No one is good at everything (besides a few exceptions).

You may have the brightest idea but it's the medium/portal that let's you plant your core offerings in the minds of the consumer.

That's where I step in, I help businesses through a combination of creative thinking with factual analysis to develop appropriate strategies to ensure that campaigns reach their target audiences as effectively and cost efficiently as possible.

I apply knowledge of media and communication platforms to identify the most appropriate mediums for building awareness for a client's brand.

- Enough people have solid ideas, execution is what matters. I do execution.

- I like to challenge myself each day with everything.

- Knowledge is power.

I strongly believe in making new professional acquaintances. After all, creating and fostering relationships are cornerstones for conducting success today, so feel free to reach out if you would like to talk Media, Stocks, Sports etc.

"It is very important what the audience sees, but first, they need to see it." - Me.

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