Admir Latić

Admir Latić is a Slovenian entrepreneur, currently living and working in Slovenia. Born on the 24.12.1983, he grew up in Vrhnika, a small town near the capital city of Ljubljana. To obtain his formal education he enrolled at the Faculty of Economics where only the diploma thesis still awaits him. He also spent a short time studying at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, Ljubljana, and is at the moment active at the Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences, also in Ljubljana. He says that formal education does not mean a lot to him, yet he enjoys meeting new people and feels at home in academic circles. In his youth he was a chess player and accomplished quite a few enviable triumphs at the national level.

His entrepreneurial path began during his studies at the Faculty of Economics where he was the mastermind and co-founder of LBC, a company that dealt with internet solutions and, among others, created the application which is a search engine for construction contractors in Slovenia. A great deal of service was done for construction companies that had abundant work and extreme growth after the year 2000. His experience and knowledge were focused on the establishment of ENDOM Company which specialized in energy renovation of facilities. His goal was the takeover of the majority market share in the field of energy renovation of facilities, particularly in the field of thermal insulation facades. The company grew fast and in its third year of operating on the Slovenian market exceeded the annual income of 1 million euros, which is an impressive result for a market as small as Slovenian (2 million inhabitants). In 2011 Admir was awarded the Mladi podjetnik award (Young Entrepreneur Award), given by Zavod Mladi podjetnik (Young Entrepreneur Institute). He considered the award a great motivation for future challenges and pointed out his surprise, for such awards are normally given to fellow colleagues from the IT sector. The ENDOM project ran into some difficulties in 2013 and in the article Ups and Downs are Part of the Entrepreneurial Path (May 2014) he mentioned that due to the fast growth of the company, mistakes that financially jeopardized it were made. He also added that too much trust was put into partners and the correctness of the Slovenian legal system, and explained that ‘It was difficult to accept the collapse since the team comprised of several extraordinary individuals, extremely motivated to achieve