Admir Skenderi

Hello World!

This is my About Me 2.0 page. Totally redesigned and with all new kinds of info. It's 50% bigger and heavier than About Me 1.0. With this new info, you will know a lot more about me than you knew before. Now, since more and more people use Twitter, I integrated it in About Me 2.0 so you can follow me and read whole bunch of unimportant tweets! Also, now you can even contact me over my E-Mail and Skype! So, read below to see what About Me 2.0 brings to you, because, About Me 2.0 is the biggest thing that happened to About Me since About Me.

Name: Admir Skenderi
Nickname: Ado
Age: 16
Birthday: 19th February
Birthplace: Senta, Serbia
Current location: Budva, Montenegro
Eye color: green/brown/blue
Hair color: black/brown
Peircings: None
Tattoos: None
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None
Siblings: two older brothers, 22 and 25

Color: Orange
Music: Pop, R'n'B
Sport: None
Holiday: New Year
Food: Italian
Number: 19
Movie: Despicable me
Celebrity: Rihanna
Place: Home
Drink: Coca-Cola
Day of week: Saturday
Month: January
City: Los Angeles
Animal: dog
Time of day: night
Smell: air after rain
TV Channel: National Geographic
Song: Fool in love by Rihanna

Hugs or kisses: Hugs
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
McDonals or Burger King: McDonals
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
Lover or fighter: Lover
Friends or family: Friends
Love or money: Love
Listen to someone talk or talking: Listen to someone talk
Personality or looks: looks
Magazines or Comics: Magazines
Pop star or word up: Pop star
Apple or Samsung: Samsung

Are you in love? Yes
Have you ever been in love? Yes
Do you believe in love at first sight? Nope
Longest relationship: Never had one
Kiss on first date? Yes
Ever cheated on someone? I never had someone

Do you do drugs? Nope
Do you drink? Sometimes
Do you have any regrets? Yes
Want to get married? Nope
Want kids? Maybe
Do you believe in yourself? Yes
Last movie you saw at the movies? Was it good? Avatar. Yes.
Can you handle the truth? Yes
Biggest fear? Insects
Most missed memory? Childhood
First thought waking up? Oh, fuck.
How do you want