Admiral Mark Heinrich

co-founder in Aliso Viejo, California

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Retired Rear Admiral Mark Heinrich has had a long and illustrious career in the Navy, directing some of the most critical domestic and international operations of various government agencies. A logistics expert who has lent his knowledge to military defense agencies, professional consulting firms, and time-sensitive operations in the Middle East, Mark has overseen the smooth collection and distribution of billions of supplies. He has managed thousands of professionals and guided them toward smart, informed decisions.

Admiral Mark Heinrich was fortunate enough to be a commanding officer for none other than NAVSUP Global Logistics Support and Naval Supply Systems Command. It was in this position that Mark would go on to lead literally thousands of both military and civilian logistic professional as they provided a global support system in directing high-pressure, "short-fuse" deployments of ships, submarines, and aircraft.

Additionally, in 2008, Admiral Mark Heinrich led a team in Kuwait as they synchronized and optimized multi-model transportation resources throughout the Middle East and even the Horn of Africa. By honing his skills both abroad and at home, Mark has the necessary international experience to feel comfortable no matter where he is located.

In the beginning of 2015, Mark accepted the role as the CEO of Associated Aircraft, Manufacturing & Sales, Inc. During his time there, Mark oversaw the repair and manufacture processes for military avionics. He is a sought-after public speaker and has given informational speeches to various supply organizations and schools across the United States.

Near the end of 2015, Mark decided to take on a new challenge in his life. Following his passion for technology, he accepted a role as the General Manager at Microsoft located in Washington. With his team of experts, Mark is looking forward to making more advance changes in cloud technology.

In doing so, Admiral Mark Heinrich is spearheading an effort to bring better service, more reliable technology, and a more intuitive digital space to the public at large. By making even the most complicated of technology available to even the most sheltered of laymen, Mark hopes to make information more accessible than ever before.

Admiral Mark Heinrich has recently undertaken a role with Grid Me Now, a cloud-based enterprise network platform whose purpose is to provide organizations with increased, situational awareness & business intelligence.

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