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How to keep my cat from using garden as a litter box

Your garden should bitimjesto peace where you can reap the rewards of months of hard work that is needed to grow some beautiful flowers or vegetables cute. Unfortunately, if you open a cat, he or she can choose to use your garden as their personal litter box. If you want to keep your garden without your own cat person brand of fertilizer, there are ways to distract him once and for all. This is what you need Screenshot Chicken wire Screenshot Citrus

catnip Screenshot, hose

lavender Screenshot Rosemary


Coleus canina


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Put a layer of chicken wire on top of the soil in your garden. Cats naturally scratch and claw at the ground before they are invalid, so you will be less likely to do it if you can not perform this ritual.


Cut several pieces of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, and put them all over the garden. Cats are naturally deterred by the smell, and will stay away from the garden.


Place catnip in other areas of your pitch. This will attract the cats in this area and away from your garden.


Spray the cat gently with a garden hose. Cats do not enjoy getting wet and they will eventually begin to associate entering the garden to get wet. Do not spray directly into the cat's face. This could lead to a violent reaction.


Plant lavender, rosemary, rue, or Coleus canina, also called the "scaredy - cat plant" in your garden. These are all natural cat barriers and will bitilijep addition to your garden as well.


install a fence around the garden. Make sure jeograda is high enough so that your cat can not just skip over it.