Adnan Aamir Sarparrah


I believe this life is all about knowing and seeking information. One can only know the world and everthting that is happening inside it if He has passion to acquire Knowledge. This is what defines a never ending quest for acquiring hidden and unbelievable knowledge. Studying the correct history is also essential but we are taught distorted history in textbooks. I not only try to find out whats the correct history but also do my utmost to share it with others in best possible way.

When more and more knowledge is accumulated in the brain of a person more enthusiastic he becomes to share it with others. The sharing proves to be very satisfying as the acquired knowledge has been transfered rather than remaing stagnant in one's brain. That's why I have chosen blogging to share the wealth of knowledge that I have acquired and still acquiring with everyone who is willing to read the truth and unbiased analysis.

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