Adnan Salahuddin

Software Engineer and Web Developer in Pakistan

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After completing my Bachelors of Science in Computer Sciences degree, I choose network engineering track.

I worked in different relevant roles for few years and during that time inclination towards following programming and coding kept building.

Therefore I decided to take a break and work dedicatedly to build programing related skills. I read books, took courses, worked on small projects and started to realized that I am on the right path.

I always wanted to be at place where I can add meaningful value to the products/services and joining LMKR really full filled that wish.

Here I have worked on multiple mission critical products, using variety of different technologies.

I have built expertise in ASP.NET Core C#, Angular (TypeScript), NodeJs (Javascript), React, SQL and MongoDB. Where as its long list of other tools/languages which I have used in one way or the other during my stay here at LMKR.

I worked on Management Dashboard Project which was really stimulating my skills and bringing out the best from me.

Solving interesting and practical problems with my Agile team is something I look forward to everyday, when I am walking back to home.