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Sohail Al-Kaseri

Hyderabad, United States of Telangana

Hi, I am "Sohail".

I have never been to blogging before, But this is my first try.. I hope you guys like it. Basically I am not a blogger, but one fine day, One of my friend suggested me about this and am here..!!

This blog is all about "Entertainment".. This is just to keep you updated about world and whats happening arround us related with Movies, Cricket, Gossips, Mobiles, Celebrities..

I am trying to improve myself and add more stuff to this blog..

As you know.. I Am new to blogging and just trying to learn and also make things easy for people to be updated about everything happening arround.

I am not sure how long I am gonna do this.. But I can tell you one thing.. "I am loving this..Lolz". I really want to be best blogger one day.

I dont have much so say about me.. As myself a normal guy with no ambition and happy with whatever am getting.

I am sure you will like this blog and bless me..

Thank you so much,

"God bless all"