Adnan Waheed


More than 8 years’ experience as Head of Department Medical Billing Revenue Cycle.
In-depth knowledge of medical terminology and medical billing processes.
Exceptionally good at understanding the queries and complaints of the customer and identifying the solution.
Very energetic, hardworking and self-motivated.
Experince in Healthcare AR Process. Good knowledge of Account Receivables, US Insurance, RCMS,
(Revenue Cycle Management Services)

Professional Background
Working as one of Healthcare Management Professional where I am dedicated to the success of Medical Practices & Healthcare Businesses.
I love to collaborate together on many of client projects to ensure that the medical community can continue to be a successful business while they focus on their primary objectives. I am enjoying a benefit to work as a consultant in development and making strategies in many Medical Practices & Healthcare Businesses. Working under such environment where my core object is to provide solutions to the Medical Community rather than providing any features.

>>>>>Other EMR Consulting<<<<<
Assist in EHR and EMR selection process
Implemented EMR and related technology in doctors' offices & Hospitals
Consulted doctors on EMR selection and implementation
Advised EMR and EHR vendors
Speak at EMR related events, seminars and conferences

Worker's Compensation Collecton
Oversee all appeals for workers’ compensation cases on assigned accounts.
Respond to correspondence from insurance carriers or defense attorneys to facilitate payment.
Follow-up on unpaid claims.
Successfully track cases to negotiate and settle prior to Lien Conference and/or Lien Trial to minimize litigation.
Communicate with Support Clerks and Collections Coordinator and submit requests to file liens, prepare DOR’s and any other document necessary to ensure payment

Specialties:Urgent Care, GP Pedes, Imaging Center, Internal Medicine Radiology HBOT, Plastic Surgery, Sleep Analysis Family Therapy, Inc.Diagnostics Medical Group,MRI,Physical Therapy Center Management,Oasis Wellness Center, Rest Analysis L.P, True Neurology Medical Group, STIM-IT, Physicians Mobile Medical Group,Radstar, Inc, Rest Analysis L.P. West Care Medical Group

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    • Arthur Lawrence
  • Education
    • MBA