Adnan Jabbar

Adnan Jabbar is a Doctor, Evangelist, Photographer, Geek, Food Critic, Bitch Slapper, Media Whore, LGBT Activist, Wine Taster, Weird Dancer, Home Cook, Social Media Freak, Entrepreneur, Graphic UI Designer, Prototyper, Event Organizer, Party Animal, Computer Geek, Army Fan, Movie Holic, Tech Savy, Counter Strike Fan & much more. He loves hanging out, parties, nightlife, photography.

Love to meet new people who are creative and passionate about their work. You can find more information about him from various resources, eg. Google / Tech Crunch People / AliPay / Bloc AS / IMGA Pakistan / Brands / RodeoTees / INK Magazine / Kelton Magazine / Focus on Dalian Magazine / Elle Chian / People China / Vogue China / WeLiveIn Network etc.