Adnan Peckovic

For the past 14 years I have been working with NGOs who are working on improving lives conditions of children and young people. During my employment in HO „World Vision“ most of my work was based on establishing contacts with institutions and local people relevant for our work, mostly schools and municipalities. As a Sponsorship officer I was also in contacts with children themselves which means that I was often in the field assessing the living conditions of children in area where we worked. That is how I supported my management in producing quality projects that helped children in that area. I have also worked in the education department of WV Tuzla office where I have been active on projects of health, drug awareness, peer education, peace activism and volunteerism. I was leader of UG PROI office in Brčko district. UG PROI is an NGO working on prevention of drug abuse and with drug addicts. My tasks were to locate and do counseling sessions with drug addicts, ensure funding for the office and implement the Harm reduction project in Brčko. I have established contacts with local authorities who have supported the project in Brčko. During the time of one year I have managed to motivate four addicts form Brčko to go to commune for drug addicts. During my carrier I have been a leader of PRONI Center for Youth Development Youth club “Satorovici” and “IPAK-SHL” Youth center in Krizevici (Zvornik Municipality). My main task in both cases was to work together with local young people on responding to their needs in local communities. Young people from these communities have attended training which here planed and implemented by me, such as: project planning and implementing, conflict resolution, volunteerism and others. Volunteers from these local communities where trained to be youth leaders and continue this work once the organization leaves the area. I would also like to mention that I consider myself a good team worker and I am ready to gain new experience and knowledge.