Southern California, United States

I'm never sure what to put in a bio. I'm using about.me as more of a personal page than professional so this page will just have a bunch of links to my various online identities for all you stalkers out there. :P

3DS Friend Code: 4742-5601-9252 (@adnarim on Twitter with your friend code so I can add you back)

Final Fantasy Record Keeper info:

Name: Tyro (original, huh?)
Friend ID: eETo
Roaming Warrior: Luneth; Soul Break: Advance; Equipment: lv 50 Tyrfing (III), lv 15 Diamond Helm (III), Hyper Wrist (VI)

If you add me anywhere, be sure to let me know how you found me (not just "about.me" but how you got to my page since I post my profile almost everywhere - via Mii Plaza, ACNL, Pokemon, CAG, Steam profile, etc)