Adobe Doctor Tucson

Based out of Tucson, Arizona, the team at Adobe Doctor specialized in mud adobe and stucco house maintenance and mending. With 15 years of experience, the professionals at Adobe Doctor focused on proper preservation techniques for unique and high-maintenance building material, and they cautiously investigated the cause of deterioration for every house that they worked on.

Some less professional companies in the same industry make hasty choices when it comes to methods of repair, such as putting a thick layer of stucco on a mud adobe exterior. Rather than implementing such an ineffective and counterproductive solution to instances of disrepair, Tuscon-based Adobe Doctor ensured quality via tailored solutions for each home by focusing on finding the source of deterioration before employing any restorative solutions.

Adobe Doctor performed a range of essential elements necessary for the care of adobe from repairing leaks and ponding to applying sealants, white washes, mortar washes, and water-repellent coats, as well as the construction and repair of mud adobe, stucco, and roofs on a number of the approximately 10,000 adobe homes in Tucson. The company also adopted Elastomeric Roof Coating for roof maintenance. Homeowners could feel at ease with the company's guaranteed satisfaction business model, which included free consultations and no required up-front payments.

A member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, Adobe Doctor remains known in Arizona for its professional, high-quality work. John Schimon, who was nicknamed the "mud doctor," led the team in its high quality and professionally licensed work.