A Dogs Day Out

Charles Richardson currently serves as the General Manager and Partner of A Dog’s Day Out, LLC. Providing cage-free dog daycare, boarding, and certified grooming, A Dog’s Day Out (ADDO) offers the largest open daycare spaces for dogs in Northern Virginia. A Dog’s Day Out offers three different play groups based on animal size to better help with socialization. The dog-friendly amenities include trees, white picket fencing, lots of windows and/or sky lights for natural lighting, and high quality rubberized flooring. Charles Richardson's responsibilities at A Dog’s Day Out include overseeing management for two locations as well as ordering necessary products, supplies, and food as well as doing payroll. A Dog's Day Out has also been the host of more than 400 free play sessions since 2004. ADDO offers clients and their dogs a positive outlet for their dogs to socialize in a clean, dog-friendly setting. The winter play dates in the climate-controlled facilities last one and one-half hours. A Dog's Day Out's Sunday play day events are always free. Potential clients of A Dog's Day Out should visit the website at www.adogsdayout.com and click on the Getting Started link for further details on the Introduction Evaluation. Scrolling down to the bottom of this link will provide the mandatory Pet Profile and Owner Agreements needed at the time of evaluation at A Dog’s Day Out. Dog owners must bring an invoice from their local veterinarian detailing rabies, bordetella, and distemper vaccinations. Friendly dogs that are spayed or neutered (if over seven months) qualify for the Introduction Evaluation at A Dog’s Day Out. Before Mr. Richardson started A Dog’s Day Out, he partnered with his mother and traveled the country selling the safety product for people and pets that Mr. Richardson invented and patented, called “Flasher.” Notable accomplishments for this mother-son pair selling safety included appearing on QVC television three times in 1999 as well as the product being placed in stores such as Petco, Whole Foods, and various other pet outlets. The Flasher safety product was showcased on NBC, CBS, and other local television networks in the nation’s capital.