Adolfo Campos

Adolfo Campos Merino started his artistic work in 2003 as a member of the enterprise culture CDTX and MANSI TEXTIL- Mexico (into design and chemical developments). In 2005, he went to Guadalajara to take part in the group ¨Tomarte evoluciona¨, where he became an illustrator and an artist. In the same year, he participated in a special publication called "El Libro Monero", a successfull series of comics published by the Guadalajara University, working with Trino, Edgardo H. Casillas "Yazz", JIS, among others.

During the year 2006, Adolfo worked with ¨THE JAZHA FILMS team¨ in the Storyboard section. At the end of the year, he worked in ¨CANANA FILMS¨ in the post-production area.

As an artist he has exhibited his artwork in very important national and international galleries like: El Claustro de LA MERCED, THE CULTURAL HOUSE in Puebla, MAGNOLIA ART GALLERY in Punta Mita, THE AGORA GALLERY in N.Y., LE SACRILEGE in Quebec and the NATIONAL GALLERY in U.K. He has produced and directed projects for ¨VILCHES and GARIBAY¨, ¨UNLIMITED FILMS¨ and independent enterprises.

Currently, he works at ¨MASTERS ARTWORK¨ one of the most representative groups of hyper- realism around the world, directed by Santiago Carbonell.