Adolfo Escudero

Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Small Business Owner in Lima Region, Peru

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Raised by a well educated grandma, knowing up's, down´s and side´s, reading since a got memory, asking when just don´t know the answer and helping if i can.
I don´t work, i´ve got a couple of hobbies which occupy the bigest part of my day. The first one is software, could be writing, designing or convincing people why they should pay for it; and the second is my own business, a company that helps with electronic security.
Recently enrolled for a second degree, just because learning stuff can be fun!
My lady and I are frequently travelers (as much as we can...) and look for something like a casual home exchange.
If you believe i can help, well, try it with me. (i´m not rich, so please, don´t ask for money).

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