Adolfo Quintero

Currently the Chief Operating Officer of AGR Group, Adolfo Quintero oversees a large portion of the company’s operations. Having joined the firm in 2002, he directs production and delivery for the corporate and external offices, while ensuring optimal use of staff resources for the best delivery to clients. Adolfo Quintero manages the infrastructure and technical needs of AGR’s numerous facilities and is responsible for account management, quality control, training, and employee recruitment. A human rights advocate, Adolfo Quintero dedicates his free time to several humanitarian efforts, including Youth for Human Rights and the Association for Better Living Education. He strongly opposes the overmedication of youths and supports anti-drug campaigns. He supports The Way to Happiness, a group and movement committed to revitalizing society through businesses and community projects. Operating as a volunteer minister, he has served as a mentor to young individuals interested in business; several of the individuals he has mentored have advanced to become successful executives. Committed to the support of veterans, Adolfo Quintero donates to various groups that provide financial assistance to injured military and law enforcement personnel, such as the Semper Fi Fund and the Wounded Warriors Project. He is also a volunteer minister for disaster relief and works with the American Red Cross. Aside from his work and his philanthropic endeavors, Adolfo Quintero enjoys spending time with his family and wife of 16 years. He takes great pleasure in flying, golfing, and hunting. Adolfo Quintero belongs to the National Rifle Association, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and Air Transport Association of America.