Adolfo Santos

Fine Artist, Photographer, and Consultant in San Diego, California

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Mr. Adolfo Santos, a local business owner who spends most of his time fundraising for local charity and painting as a Fine Artist living in San Diego, California.

His business interests are in developing commercial real estate. Mr. Santos is an investor by nature and mentors young men and women like himself for the shear pleasure of what he calls "grafting for success". He says, "it's absolutely amazing to see how one can create from nothing." A thought he holds as basis for his work and life ambitions.

His passion is in collecting and painting fine art, oil paintings in particular. He spends most of his free time painting both calm and dramatic abstract depictions of scenes from his life and surroundings, the USA and its unconditional beauty from his home beaches to mountains and lakes across the nation. He uses both brushes and palette knives, the finest oils and a rag.

His work is sold by private appointments at his studio, charity fundraisers and now this new online store.

Every piece of art is made by hand... from the wooden stretcher bars to the sizing and wrapping of his canvas. He practices traditional techniques to produce only the highest quality products like the use of Linen as support protected by a neutral Ph Polyvinyl Acetate and 2x primed with an oil ground. This technique is a 2 week process to prepare and it allows the oils to lay lusciously on top of the fabric for added brightness, glamour and texture as well as ensure it will last lifetimes to come.

He dedicates 10 % of this revenue for local charity which he personally distributes through his page on

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