Allie Domingues

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Allie Domingues, and I was born and raised in the sweet southern city of Mandeville, Louisiana. After attending high school at Saint Scholastica Academy in Covington, LA, I found myself a student at Louisiana State University, where I now major in Public Relations and minor in English. The best way to describe me is passionately eclectic.

eclectic- deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources

I like to dress in an eclectic style, wearing lots of rings, mixing and matching new with vintage, silver with gold. I like types of clothing that are one of a kind, and that has something special about them. I like to decorate my home with little pretty odd things, like old woodwork from the 1800s, dreamcatchers, candles, and photographs of my friends and family. I also have eclectic thoughts and interests. I have so many things that I love and are interested in. I love fashion, my cat Edie, making headbands and necklaces out of wildflower weeds, nail polish of all colors, tumblr, butterfly kisses, regular kisses, mother nature, kind strangers, doodling and painting, sandy white beaches, music and movies, workin on my fitness, art, when a favorite movie is playing on TV and I catch it at the very beginning, animals, the olsen twins, adventures, hot baths, the feeling of your feet hitting the ground on a good run, getting an unexpected good grade, sushi, longboards and skateboards, learning new things, discovering in things, comfortable 6inch heels, sewing, crawfish and oyster seasons, street cars in New Orleans, and books.

Linked below is my twitter, my LinkedIn, and my personal blog.This blog is dedicated to all of my ideas and passions and interests.