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Small Business Owner in Ghana

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Importations Of Beverages From Nigeria to Ghana, Drinks supplier, wholesaler and distributor to Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants and Caterers.

Hello and welcome to BuraFred Venture website, I hope you enjoy looking through it and find our product range as exciting as I do. Our brochure marks a change of direction in the way we introduce our product offering, We continue to specialize in Rox, Redbull energy drinks,Heineken and premium products but I thought I would give you a brief look back at where we started and what drives us on every day.

Burafred Venture has always been a personal business supplier, Fred taking the role of Managing Director. I started the company with $100 in 2014 . my wife Favour with the aim of having our customers at the heart of everything we do. We have always striven to provide a delivery service that our competitors could not match and to have an ever-evolving product range that would always be relevant in the fast-paced market we trade in. Over the years we have grown in size and developed a wide ranging customer all over Accra, star restaurants, Pub, bars and stores to the smallest seasonal account and everything in between. We based in capital city of Ghana Accra, 24 kotobabi Spintext Road.

Our sales team have worked for, and with, some of the major drinks companies, so bring with them a wealth of experience and big brand knowledge. But they are also passionate about working with small, specialist, artisan distributors and producers who can provide our customers with a point of difference. One member of the team was even a customer for several years, so brings with him a broad range of experience that gives us a real insight into what our customers need and where the rapidly changing market place is heading.

We supply a vast range of products from Heineken beer, Rox energy drink, Redbull traditional ciders, premium spirits, wine and soft drinks, and have done for many years. This is why we continue to work with some of the worlds best producers. Of course we stock and sell a vast amount of the more traditional products but where we really differ is our continually growing Rox , Redbull and Heineken.

Alongside our product range we also offer a full customer support package, with our delivery service being a keypoint. We offer many of our customers an in-house drinks list design and print service at no extra cost. Alongside this service we also supply staff training which is key in the ever competitiv

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