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Adonica Morgan

Life Coach in Atlanta, Georgia

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I’m an “Instigator of Love”... for love of self, life, other people and delicious food.

I’m a fan of personal development, spirituality, the Law of Attraction, enlightenment and transformation. I was one of those people who wandered the self-help aisles in every bookstore. I immersed myself in all of it, attended seminars and everything online that was positively positive at one point. Then information overload hit me and it was time to put it aside. Practice what I learned.

More than that I’m a believer in the good stuff that life is made of. Adventures. Spontaneity. Random conversations. Being of service. Present moments. Giving. Gratitude. The list is endless…

I’m a champion for change. You can have what your heart desires. We have a tendency to create imaginary roadblocks or don't do the work it takes to have what we want. I’m here to encourage you to push through it. Feel what you want to feel. Want what you want. Clarity changes everything.

I love … me. The perfectly imperfect me. Do you love you? True acceptance is everything. It was a process. It wasn't easy. But it was necessary. I love … my life. It’s what I make of it. I love and I AM.

My Mission is: to inspire people to be a Co-creator of their life. We all have a say in what we want. Do you want to sit on the sidelines of your life or be the star player? The things, people and events you wait for are waiting for you to make a choice. When you love your life it loves you right back. I'm here to remind you that you ARE important and, most of all … to Live Your Life On Purpose.

~ be love ... have love