Faisalabad, Pakistan.

ADO is a non-profit and non-governmental development organization and was set up in the mid of year 2012 to concentrate on the betterment and development of marginalized communities with a vision to generate a society with equal citizenship. Millions of people are illiterate, unaware of their rights and have lack of access to basic health and education facilities. Based on these rationales, ADO was formed to generate innovative strategies at grassroots level for better health, education and livelihood of the suffering communities.

ADO’s Aim

Give computer education

Educate girls

Give awareness about health

Train men and women (job skills)

Give religious and cultural awareness

Make a Home For Orphans, Disables and poor People

Society development

Rights of women

Sexual harassment

ADO’s Vision

To generate a society with equal citizenship.

ADO’s Mission

To make a community where every human can live his life with equal rights.